live footage from edisons last show....

  • ya heard meh......
    live from love tech...
    some sillyness...

    heart bubbles!

  • pure madness! is that a nintendo ds in front?

  • nice! really tight performance.
    looks like you have some good software integration going!

  • awesome edison... pure sickness as usual. what app are you using?

  • @three

    edison has a quick description (plus another vid)

    i'm assuming he's using the monome in midi mode as he states that it is controlling ableton. although, we'll need confirmation.

    i hope this helps

  • Stunning stuff Edison...tighter than a sardine, in a can, that hasn't been opened.

  • seriously.


  • yo!
    thanks homies
    @three and john-paul...
    so.. yea.. its the same set up...
    im using the monome in MIDI mode... triggering one shot clips in ableton..
    the arcade box .. is effects... and also has a loop running on it.....
    the box infront of the monome.. is a "wheres the party at?" 8 bit sampler...
    the nintendo ds is running protein which makes scratching type of things...
    (this was the first show i tried it)
    its OK... dont think its gonna make the cut though
    got some final tweaking...
    im shure itll be different by the meetup... haha
    peace and peaces

  • @edison
    incidentally, i read the CDM posting that linked the video of your 'setup'.
    in the comments area you mentioned that you were going to convert the 'love box' to speak MIDI rather than HID.

    a quick fix would be to do a patch in bidule that converts all the HID inputs to MIDI outputs. you could wrap this up into a bidule vst that would be insertable as an instrument into live.

    alternatively, the Doepfer Pocket Electronic Kit may be an interesting 'hardware only' solution


  • nice! why are you so awesome mr edison? =)

  • > a quick fix would be to do a patch in bidule that converts all the HID inputs to
    > MIDI outputs.

    or MaxMSP if you have that going on instead of Bidule.

  • I got some catching up to do.

  • @kid_sputnik

    heh. Max/MSP also crossed my mind almost immediately after posting!
    I decided to go drink coffee rather than edit my post ;)

    Max/MSP is on my high priority list for purchase. Waiting for the Max for Live to drop to see what deals come out of it. Also, travelling for 2 months killed my gear budget a bit. But my brain is full of inspiration because of it. I'd say an even trade.


  • So you are triggering one shot clips and not using a drum rack?

    You lay the clips out as if the are in MLR except there is no "chasing" lights?

    Just trying to wrap my head around it.

  • @gabriel...
    no drum racks
    the drums (mostly) are layed out like mlr...
    everything else is some custom ish...

  • dope! holla if you come to nyc.

  • @stark...
    c'mon down to the meetup in jersey!

  • Thanks Ed!

    Your programming is clever... but your tunes sound grrreat!

    "It's about your ear not your gear."

  • Yo edison-

    It was nice to see you perform at Love Tech after watching all the vids.

    Believe the hype people, he kills it just as much in person if you haven't seen it live! Keep it up...