Youtube vs Vimeo (what's the deal?)

  • Why do users here use Vimeo instead of youtube?

  • I'm sure there are many reasons that people could cite, but in the end it probably really boils down to Vimeo looking nicer and cleaner.

  • Why not? There's a couple of reasons I like vimeo better then youtube. First is compression. Better video quality, even though I know youtube has HD now the fact is most videos uploaded to youtube go through the ringer of filters and end up looking horrible. Second, they are more selective. There are some beautiful films on vimeo. You can actually browse around and regularly see something amazing. Third, community. Vimeo is much more centered around the artist and the filmmaker. It's a great place to make contacts with other artists around the world without the saturation of random bric a brac everywhere. People tend to list the camera used and the lens information. They also leave constructive criticism rather then the general rude comments so common on youtube. It's similar in a way to this community.

    Lastly, pop up advertisements. Ech!

  • I followed tehn's lead. One of Brian's early monome videos was hosted on vimeo, and I followed him there. I found the quality to be much better than youtube at that time.

    I'm a bit aggravated by the seemingly arbitrary wait times for encoding video at vimeo. As a non-'plus' customer, I'm constantly reminded that I'm a second-class citizen, and rightly so for a free service. Except... youtube doesn't do that to me and I don't pay for it, either. Since youtube started supporting HD videos, there is less of a reason to use vimeo.

    I encode videos to both and link to the vimeo versions from my blog. The community reach at youtube is HUGE. Vimeo's community is nice that it is smaller, but it feels like artists talking to other artists. This is good and bad - bad if you want to reach a more 'general' community.

    you tube has FAR better stats reporting than vimeo, and other useful features like annotations.

  • I like the look and style of Vimeo. FYI... The stats are pretty good as a plus user. I apted for the plus for the HD video and the ability to specify what domains you want certain videos played. Right now i let them play anywhere, but eventually, i may have some videos that just want to have shown from my site. I am not sure though.. In terms of getting the videos out, I find people tweet about them on twitter and it gets around pretty quick. The first sneak peak video for M4L had 1200 hits in the first day and a half.

    Both are good. I just feel a little cleaner using Vimeo. :-)

  • Fewer bonehead/bigot/racist/ignorant/depressing/I-can't-believe-people-actually-think-like-this comments on Vimeo. That's for sure.

    - c

  • vimeo = sounding good

  • yeah....i agree with edison. vimeo's biggest plus for me is the audio quality. also...embedded vimeo videos actually work (unlike more than half of the youTube embeds).

  • for me, vimeo looks + sounds better.
    plus they are local!

    portland represent!

  • I'm pretty much 100% with egon77. Better video quality and more for artists by artists.

    @mapmap I didn't know they were Portland based. I grew up there!

  • +1 Vimeo.

    I wish I could upload straight audio there cause it sounds better than soundcloud.

  • aesthetics-wise, I think Vimeo is to youtube what is to a porn pop-up ad. youtube feels very "lowest-common-denominator" to me.

  • Off-topic, but I just realized that the phrase "lowest common denominator" in general use is actually analogous to "greatest common factor." If you took the Internet population as a whole, the greatest common factor of the whole would be the masses that swarm YouTube. Of course, the adjective "greatest" is probably not the way most would prefer to describe these masses. ;)

  • Word. I see. The whole vimeo community, like the monome community, has a bit more of an artistic, high brow classy thing going. I can dig it.

    Never even heard of it until I came to this board. It's them damn Edison vids that keep vimeo on the map. ;-P

  • +1 Vimeo

    I've never seen the words "gay" or "fake" in a Vimeo comment.

  • the one thing that really bugs me about vimeo (and this isn't their fault per se) is that my iphone will play youtube videos all day, but won't play vimeos.

    i suppose i have mostly apple to thank for that..

  • LOL @ Chili!

    I can't stand "fake gays." Be real or go home! That was a joke.

  • @soundcyst it's my understanding that vimeo is looking into the iphone thing, they just need to switch to h264 encoding and serve those rather than the flash and they'll be golden.

    I'm very much looking forward to their desktop uploader, with pause and restart. That's going to make things much easier.

  • If they change encoding won't that effect the quality that everyone is on about?

  • Vimeo, whilst nice to have as an option, is a hipster quagmire. It's constantly fucking stuttering (even when I let it cache) on various machines. It's a hog, in short. Still you'll find people using the camera mic when uploading to Vimeo anyways (electronic musicians relying on the camera mic = super mega awesome mega uber FAIL)

    As someone stated earlier, the righteous non-I'mAHipsterNobJockey thing to do would be to upload to BOTH and give the viewer the CHOICE. Anyone who doesn't have skin thick enough for boneheads posting on youtube should realise you can block comments.

    vimeos sucky stuttering = the elephant in the room

  • Who knew this would be such a passionate subject?

    @socialism: I find that vimeo runs exactly the same way on my wifes G4. And don't even think about HD. But that really is a graphics card/processor speed issue.

    On another note: I have to be honest, I kinda like hipsters. I'm not one myself, but how I wish I could pull it off. I DO have a beard and I don't really take care of it. But that's pretty much the most hipstery thing I've ever done. Nevertheless, some of my best friends are hipsters and actually quite nice people.

    Not to mention stylish.

    But I don't think anyone here on this thread would have any issues with posting on both. Vimeo is just a better display of your work in my opinion. And heck, sometimes you just have to go with youtube. Like I got one of my videos booted due to copyright infringement because it used a beastie boys song.

    Here's a link (shameless plug):

    I made it back in 98'. If you remember the cartoon from the 80's M.A.S.K. you might enjoy it!

    Now, that's what I call indirect marketing! *wink

  • @socialism... funny, because vimeo always plays back smoothly for me and it's youtube that is sucky and freezes up.

    (on a side note, i find that anti or pro hipster talk is always so vapid and baseless... i wonder why do people even bother?)

  • The only thing I regret about getting the PRO account is that I don't get the Busted Tees ads anymore. ;)

    Can I opt back in for advertising?