Googles home page on today Oct. 7th! 666!!!

  • It looks like end times. For some reason google scared me today.

  • Um, it just highlights the invention of the barcode...

  • 666? i only see a barcode...

  • wtf is this guy smoking?

  • c'mon don't you guys know that every bar code in the world has a 666 encoded into it, thus meaning something ominous or something?

    see, for example


  • DUh! My tin foil hat always tells the truth!


  • sorry, man no offense i always just thought the barcode/666 conspiracy theory made no sense.

  • I hear ya man. I am not offended! I just thought it was an odd sight when I opened up google and saw that. It reminded me of the exact same thing... hence the post.

    Technically speaking, the mark of the beast is about trade. In the bible it says you can't take place in commerce without the mark.

    A bar code assigns a number to all products. A credit card assigns a number to every person. That's where the idea comes from. It's far fetched.