edison live on the radio this weekend!

  • hey doods...
    so, a fellow monome user (eacolin) has invited me onto his radio show at stanford university !
    it will be this weekend... sunday the 11th from 3pm - around 4pm west coast time...


    theres the link...
    tune in!
    thanks for your times

  • w00t! i will be listening in!

  • my ears will be attending. thanks edison!

  • this is sick, i will be listening, calendar alarm is set.

  • rock that ish son! any chance of a recording?

  • edison stinging the radio waves? will be there oct. 12, mon 7am.. korean standard time! right before my work starts too...

  • bump!1!!1!

  • i think i'm in the wrong station... or are you mixing some christian mass? lolz.

  • all i'm getting too, hah boo-urns....

  • :)
    its kZsu stanford
    it doesnt start for another 2 hours
    holler back then!

  • unless i'm mistaken is it 2 hours away?

  • woah doublepost :)

  • I might actually get to listen. Good look Ed! LOL. They are playing Zydeco right now. I'm from Baton Rouge. Zydeco is everywhere!!!

  • listening now, this is sick.

  • It just started and I'm fucking loving it! It's nice to hear your stuff in stereo.

    I like the way I can hear the uses of the love box thing.

    He better say "sting." LOL

  • yea
    i wonder if he's looking at this while he's performing as in i wonder if he's checking in

  • What effects vst or program are you using?

  • "The isolation of being around so many people."

    I like that.

    Your perfectly arranged tunes kind of have abrupt endings.

  • I may have broken their webcam.

  • Damn you!!! LOL. I thought it was me.

  • hahahahah he better say STING!

  • This new track is the heat son.

    Say STING!!!

    He did shout out to Chili, Brian and Monome.

  • damn... no sting...

  • It was a really good performance though. Edison seems like a cool dood.

  • good shit.. my "brain exploded" several times during the show too.. now i have a subway commute to look forward to... great hearing some of your new work.. looking forward to your new album..

  • bastard! and right after i had discussed with the two of you my pipe dream of making it out there to play this and a set elsewhere with you :(

    actually, i'm more upset that it just finished a bit ago and i missed it... oh well.

  • i recorded this shit! edison let me know if you want me to spread it or not

  • yo!!!!
    thanks for tuning in homies
    i can't believe i didnt say sting.....
    i was slacking
    it was kinda my first radio show...
    it was really tough to remember all i wanted to say...
    being put on the spot like that ..... its really weird
    so ill say now....
    shouts to %, ro, jmel, filkoe, bluebird, thesis sahib, babelfishh, oskar ohlson, and schplingidy for taping that shit!
    ill definitely hook ya'll up with some recordings
    peaces peaces!
    make shure you catch altitude sickness online on tuesday!!!!!!!

  • @edison
    nice show man! i think you did fine with the speaky-speak.
    i'd get so random topically that people would be calling in to exchange recipes and start planning time shares Cancun.

    i'm really stoked that i managed to actually tune in to a live webcast!
    working from home is (now) not just about working in your undies.

  • Yeahh thanks all for tuning in! This was really tight. Looking forward to more stuff with Edison.

    JOE! I wasn't ditching you. You still have to come out and get on the radio and play some other shows. Just was itching to get edison on the air.

    I do music like this every week at 3 so tune in and send me songs if you want me to play them: craffel@kzsu.stanford.edu