calling all portlanders! help??

  • hi
    gonna be on a westcoast tour ...
    end of march through beginning of april...
    its looking like march 28th..(sunday) we have a stop in bridgetown... with no show...!
    anyone have a good venue? or some hookups?
    holler at me!

  • .

    if you need a place to crash, you're more than welcome to stay at my house. how many in your running crew? furthermore, i'll see what i can do about putting a show together.


  • I was going to say with a combo of % and map~map I'm pretty sure you won't be having a dull evening.


    Authentic. Masculine.

  • oh man...
    ray's gotta bust out the gay bars...!
    looks like a stand up joint man...
    thanks %
    we gots 3 of us running around...
    1 dj... 1 other button pusher of a non monome variety
    should be a really dope show...
    we'll be doing the whole west cost... 15 days...
    so hopefully ill meet a heck of alot more of you than i already have!
    more info later!

  • so there's actually a good story behind that. i called my friend out there, and was asking him if he knew anyone who booked shows in PDX. he said..."i don't know, but my friend DJs at The Eagle some times". so of course i googled it...

    apparently there are two bars named The Eagle.

    but if you need a show in Olympia i can help you out. i'm going to call my other portland buddy for you.

  • @edison: u need other performers? i want mo shows! you know how to reach me

  • You coming in Chicago?
    Oh it's only west coast...

  • dang !
    thanks ray you rule faces...
    well... not shure for this portland show...
    we'll see how it goees.....
    for the bay area shit... ill put in the word!
    ill make it there someday!

  • here's some venues. i think any of them would be a good fit for you. i got peeps if you need contacts

    -crown room

    -someday lounge


    -report lounge



  • yo, a holocene show would be dope. real dope.

  • Yeah, ditto on the place to crash if you need it. I may be able to hook up a holocene show.. Will look into this.

  • thanks homies!
    passed on the info....
    holoscene looks fresh!

  • it's a dope venue. they have a long history of supporting indie and electronic music in PDX. they also have a full video/projection set-up.

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