LED selection

  • Hey all..

    After reading many current and archived posts, I took the plunge and bought LED's.

    They are 8000mcd warm white flat top LED's (I know it's bright, but I figure, it's white and I can adjust them in a utility app. if it bothers me.)

    Size (mm) : 3mm
    Voltage: 3.0-3.4v
    Max Continuous Forward Current: 24mA
    Max Peak Forward Current: 75mA

    So, experts, before I solder them, tell me please...will these LED's work?

  • Afaik the only issues you'd get would be going above 3.5v or bigger than 3mm.

    So I see no issue.

    (monome kit or arduonome with sparkfun button pads?)

  • You can just solder 1 and test it if you're unsure :-)

  • where'd ya get them?

    seriously considering swapping mine out for some blinding ones as mine kinda suck in the daylight...

  • crap. i ordered a fairly large bunch of 1000mcd 5mm leds of a 5 arduinome build. is 5mm ok for sparkfun pads?

  • @JP

    Thanks. It is a monome 40h kit. I might try soldering one in to test. That's a good idea, and from what I can tell from posts, I think you're also right about not having to worry about mA rating and other ratings of the LED. In the archived thread @ LED selection on the docs page, tehn says:

    "keep it simple, guys. this isn't as complicated as it sounds. there are
    lots of parameters for leds, but it's really just this:

    what color? (nm value, google "visible spectrum")
    what size? (you want T1 = 3mm)
    how bright? (higher mcd = brighter)

    seriously, that's it pretty much."


    I bought them on ebay here


  • @thrush
    nothing to worry about, 5mm are fine for sparkfun.

  • cool, thanks for the link.

    be sure to post some pic's when your done :)

  • as a quick test, pressing the leads of the LEDs onto a 3V lantern battery and placing it under the pads gives a idea of what it will look like.

  • Are the white LEDs in the new grayscale a secret until that model is released?

  • monome don't give out details for the leds in the series models because if your making a kit then you should find your own. its half the fun. tailoring it for yourself... i dont know if you'd be able to tell by taking it apart..

    that and i think they are surface mount instead of through hole. so the information would be kinda useless. plus it's a different circuit to the 40h kit.. so the led spec might be different..