Sprectrum Analyzer for Monome light feedback?

  • Is there an app that will display an spectrum analyzer? Something that makes the lights bounce like an EQ?

  • VU Spec??? Where can I find it?

  • In monome base. Check out the wiki!

  • Found it. Okay. What is Wiki? I'll look.

  • Check here : http://docs.monome.org/doku.php

    There is everything you need to understand how all monome world works

  • Well, yeahh I have read all those pages a hundred times in the past year. Do a search for VU_Spec. You get nada.

  • In monome base: http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=app:monomebase

  • Thank you my dear Watson!

  • Its elementary!

  • Hi all, i could not find a way to connect "_vu_spec_256_dual.maxpat" in Max 7 and a Monome 128. I cannot set any prefix in the lower part of the "_vu_spec_256_dual.maxpat" I have serialosc corectly installed, and a version of monomebridge.maxpat, in which i cannot set the prefix either. On top of that, will i have to shift the rows in the patch somehow, as I have a 128 and not a 256 Monome?