[album] new edison... available now!

  • so....
    the video was doing good...
    so the label put up an advance sale right now!
    peep it.... if you will!


    it'll be on itunes and all that ish on december 22nd
    thanks in advance if you grab it...
    heart bubbles to the monome crew

  • oh you didn't!
    you deserve every penny. feedback to follow.
    cheers edison :)

  • Just bought it. Thanks!

  • Doooooooooooood....

  • Bought. Can't wait to hear it!

  • Just bought and listened. Very nice work man. The Highlight for me is track 7 - The Surface, and Under. The part in the middle where it falls apart and comes back together, good stuff!

    I hope your album does as well as your video holmes, you're killing it!

  • Also bought. I guess they're mailing a download link? But if that requiresa a human to push the button, it probably won't happen over the holiday weekend. So much for instant gratification! Ah well. Anticipation builds character...

    Screw character. Download link just arrived!

  • bought that snafu too mayne! love to help out a fellow monomer! especially ma boy nick ;) rock on d00d!

  • big fan here! purchased and waiting for link.

  • Is there a physical version of the album ? LP ? CD ?

    Do you ship to France ?

    looks hotty hot

  • damn dood this is insanity! lol

    major props ;)

  • sounds amazing! the panning on some riffs is really great.

  • yo!!!!!!
    thanks guys!
    thanks for the support and inspiration!
    right now there is talk of a phsyical copy....
    i know i will have some for this up coming tour~!
    but im thinking.... ill get my hands on like 20 or 30 and have my roommate mildew do some amazing handmade copies too...
    i dunno... everything was so rushed with this process.... we're still figuring it out!
    ill keep you all posted right here!

  • yeah, physical copies!
    (’d prefer to buy them at the show, though)

  • +1 for physical version shipped in france!!

  • +1 for Edison show in Netherlands so i can buy it in person :-)

  • T-Shirts! Pins! Posters! Merch!

  • This is a highly inspirational album! Love "Little Voices". Thank-you.

  • Going to listen to this hard.

  • just bought it. and will listen later on today. i don't expect anything less than insanely good. and keep us posted on physical copies and the great work.

    also don't be afraid to come by and play boston!

  • love the album!

  • this is great! track 9 has been my favorite since the monomeet...i'm glad it has a name now.

  • +1 for a show in lima. i swear they have some huge jugs of beer man, on the house! hahaha, i really want one of the physical copies though since i've run into some trouble buying it on line. i'm sure it's amazing!

  • thanks homies!
    ill push for the physical release...
    guess we'll see how it goes over the weekend!
    hope the holiday feast was good!

  • purchased and listening now. fantastic!

  • really inspiring stuff...