did my first official interview....

  • http://www.undergroundhiphop.ch/interviews.php


  • who is this "edison"

  • cool interview whoever he is

  • Didn't peg you for a Daniel Quinn fan!

    (He's sort of hit-and-miss, but I sincerely believe that Ishmael is the best book ever written.

    I think Story of B pushes way too hard, and alienates the people who most need to hear its message. That "boiling frog" speech is amazing, though. You could almost skip the book itself and just read the speeches compiled there at the end...)

    Anyway, I'm way off topic. Good interview!

  • sick dialog gomie. love ur quotes @ the end.

  • SF is an amazing, inspiring place.

    ...you'll pay a g a month for a crawl space in the hood, though.

  • thanks guys!
    @greater than
    i hear ya!
    i think story of b is the next step ... as in .. if you fall in love with ishmael.... you move to B... otherwise it would be very alienating...
    i read after dachau as well.... definite miss... great ideas though!

    @rabid... thanks!!!
    it really is an out of control pile of discs!

  • awesome ""'s very inspiring. thanks.

  • "tofu for life!!!!!!"
    damn straight.

    keep keeping it real, edison. for real.

  • Congrats man. Very cool.

    I read the Story of B a few years back - it was a lot of stuff I was thinking at the time. I didn't really like the story, but the ideas I like a lot. Like Atlas Shrugged - hated the book, but it changed my life. Never read Ishmael.

    I'm up here in Marin - I wanted to catch the show last night but couldn't swing it. I am going to try and catch the next one.

    Anyway, awesome music - keep it going! Congrats again on the interview.

  • nice interview matey. get over to europe asap!

  • It's been a while, but I think "Providence" is what I used to recommend people read between "Ishmael" and "The Story of B".

    (He's got one which covers the how and why of his turn from organized religion, but in a more personal way where it doesn't feel like he's on the attack. Same content, different tone, huge difference.)

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