Proper Pronunciation

  • So I have been saying monome... mAwn-ome (kinda like gnome)

    Some people have been telling me to say monome mAwn-O-me

    Who's right?


    +1 on monome.... like gnome.... hahahaha.

  • the proper pronunciation according to my girl is "light cube"

  • i know it's not the 'correct' way to say it, but when i pronounce it "mono-me" people understand what i'm talking about. when i say "ma-gnome" people tend to stare blankly.

  • @salamanderanagram

    i think that's why i say ma-gnome... that blank stare is priceless.

  • my co workers call it a mono-gnome

  • I always say... "mahn-ohm"
    I always say... "mahn-ohm"
    I always say... "mahn-ohm"

  • monome as in monomial.

  • I usually pronounce it MAH-nome

    but sometimes its cutesy moniker MAHno-me slips when I get passionate about explaining how it works.

    award for best butchering? mah-NOH-may - silly college girl at a party I played at.

  • i think it's one of those things that has no incorrect pronunciation. the spirit of monome is that you can pronounce it however you want.

    personally, i say "mon om" as i am a rastafarian buddhist. also, given the monome's minimal personality i feel like the less syllables, the better.

    but i don't object to mo-no-me or even mo-NO-may... iknowhatchasayin.

  • I call'em finger boxes.