maxforlive stretta monome suite released

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    There are eight maxforlive devices (not counting some minor variations of each) that are designed to work together in any combination or number of instances within a maxforlive project.

    obo - my matrix step sequencer. usable on any monome, or even monomeless operation(!)

    pitches - this is like polygom

  • greaaaaaaaaat! im going to preform with gome m4l version tonite!

    thanks man!

  • JUST AMAZING. Spending cash with ableton as we speak just for these.

  • "HEY! This makes music!"


    i love this qoute :)

    can´t wait to get home and give this suite a try.

  • Bless u man !!!!!!!!

  • This is very cool... just downloaded

    The magic number seems to be seven. ;-)

  • Thanks. your obo vid convinced me to upgrade to Live 8 and to get M4L. now all I need is about $400.

  • ..i have a little problem here.. if i assign to button channels to switch from one app to onother, not always the monome follow the change.. would be not so good for live performance..

    ..i'm wondering to get Boiing working in max4live :-)

    do you have in mind to work on it ?

    thanks for your suite is zupa.

  • thanks for the nice work/documentation stretta.

  • @G.Lanza

    is autofocus set to 'track' for each instance?

  • i came a little in my pants while playing two polygome the same time, what a joy! I´d like to try a third one but i fear this would make me totally nuts then ...

  • wonder if it will be a noticeable surge in M4L purchases @ableton?

    Thanks so much for this!!

  • m4l stands for monome 4 live.

  • rock on stretta!

    can't wait to try out automatorgator.

  • beautiful.

  • Stretta you should get a percentage from Ableton. I'm definitely getting M4L now.

    amazing work!

  • @stretta
    works now, i select the channels and monome follows :-)

    something i was not able to do, is to record a midi clip of the events from monome... as well from application without internal sequencer...
    i'm missing something or is not possible ?

  • @G.Lanza

    I'm really new at Live, but I suspect you have to bus the data to another track to record. I don't think Live has a function where you can record the 'effected' output of a MIDI plug in, but again, I'm really green here. Perhaps someone with more experience with Live can chime in.

  • Every midi channel in Live has a "MIDI in" as well as a "MIDI to" so you should be able to send the MIDI and receive it on to any other midi channel.

    For example, if you were using Polygome on a given track, you could record the midi on that track itself, then route it to another track with 'MIDI to'

    Alternatively, you could have as many other midi or audio tracks as you want and as long as their track input is set top your Poygome track it will record the data received on your new track (weather it's audio or midi)

  • @stretta/emergencyofstate

    yes i was doing this way.. ableton routing is superb..
    just would be less work recording on the playng channel.. but i'm ok with this.
    molar does this and i used to use it a lot...

    really love step filter gonna use it everywhere :-)) would be great to have a dry wet knob on it..

    ..we miss mlr and boiing and then this is the best suite we can wish....
    never tired to say thanx to stretta :-)

  • being able to change tracks and apps on the fly just completely rocks.....

    FYI, I'm getting some sticking notes in Polynome64. This is when I switch to another track and then switch back. Also getting some sticky lights too from app to app.

    I'm using nonome with a Launchpad, so that might bee the issue.

  • Stretta, these are really awesome! I love your work.

    I was just playing with the focus thing, and it works quite nicely. However, for a solution where you don't have to touch the PC to switch apps I have made some software called MonoRoute. This works nicely using hot keys on the Monome to switch between your apps (with Auto Focus turned off).

    I noticed though that Obo only sends LED updates once after key presses, and on auto focus changes. Have you considered doing LED refreshes on each step for the column that it's upto? Molar does this, and it works quite well. It also ensures that things remain in sync if a LED packet is dropped somewhere.

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  • Great work Stretta. Very elegant suite.

  • running it already! thanks as ever mr S

  • dear stretta, i was gigging yesterday with both gome and obo, everything worked great! much respect.. i just had one issue (im not sure its an issue tho, maybe i misunderstood somthing in gome) if the first sequence preset is on (i.e the left most button) the lights would not correspond correctly to my position on the grid..

    and i have a general question, why did you chose to use the gui of max instead of live? the other way around would make it really easy to midi control/store some parameters or am i wrong?


  • ciao stretta..
    i made some stuff last night with obe and polygome but sad to discover this morning that is all lost...
    to save i've to do it in the single plugs an then recall from saved presets ?
    or i miss something on save procedure ?
    for now i'm recording all midi an is nice way to work aniway..

  • @g.lanza
    hi, sorry i didnt answer anymore with 7up, but it was like 3:30 in the morning, had to go sleeeeeep, but so much to do right now isnt it. hope you had some luck anyway.

    obo and polygome you have to save the data file with the song. just put it in your live folder you saved the song with. as long as i know polygome saves the duration and step stuff but not what you played. so making midi
    clips would probably be the best i guess.

    saving the data with obo..., well i didnt have any luck. i am pressing write, but nothing is happening, mmmhh maybe a bug, dont know.

    but still a lot of fun. i am glad it is winter and rainy and
    cold outside, so i got some time to try this and 7up for hours and hours and hours and hours ........

    thank you so much stretta.

    1. can i save press cafe and step filter somehow (via fxb. ? havent checked this )
    2. i am not sure but i have the guess since using step filter on the last fifth track i am loosing auto focus on each track, strange. have to check again.
    but activating it on each track, reactives it right away when switching to another track. worked nice with i think the first two-three tracks, which were obo, polyg and press cafe.

    edited nr. 2 autofocus back when i loaded the saved live set, strange...

    mac osx 10.5.6 monome 128

  • Most of the MIDI maxforlive devices save their data in a coll, which doesn't seem to be remembered regardless if you make a preset. I'll start changing the UI elements to live elements so at least that much can be remembered. One big issue is obo's read and write buttons were not actually connected to anything, oops. Here is a quick fix for that. Currently, you can read in the data, but you'll need to hit the pattern edit selection for the LEDs of the saved pattern to recall into the matrix. This way, you'll be able to at least recall obo sequence data.

  • Stretta, just wanted to complement you.

    I don't think there is anyone out there who has donated as much time and effort into the applications here as you have. Everyone of your apps is both interesting and easy to use. Now you have completely streamlined your apps into a SUITE! And they're FREE! That is rad! The stretta apps are like your one stop shop for creative composition writing or experimentation. You are one smart dude.

    On a side note, Volta completely changed the way I work with the modular. It seems like you tend to keep your eye on the big picture which makes your applications extremely enticing. I, unfortunately, am holding off on the M4L thing mainly due to funds but also to keep my mojo focused more on app creation and learning new languages.

    In the end I'd hope that you never feel like your efforts are being taken for granted, so basically, thanks for developing.

  • @egon77

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm always happy to hear that Volta had a positive influence on people. I am grateful that MOTU gave Volta a chance for such an unusual product to come to market.

    I feel odd accepting the praise for developing this stuff, and, keeping in mind this is a first release and there are things that can be improved, I would be remiss in not noting the contributions of cycling74. Without their support I don't think we'd be seeing this at all. Also, the Spectral Display was based largely on Brian's vu_spec - I just maxforliveified what he had already done.

  • @stretta
    going to check new obo :-)
    bless u !

  • thank you stretta for the fast fix.
    and thank you for the time you spend. today i just thought of you "developer guys" as much as egon77 just wrote. nice to have you all here at the monome "schlaraffenland". people like you are so important on this buisness tough money suck planet.

  • i am really loving the suite.
    i made this little video last night using the note output of polygome.

  • Absolutely amazing collection of really useful m4l patches. I've been going nuts with obo, polygome and the other midi patches driving my Prophet08 rack.. absolutely killer combination, thanks so much. :)

  • sorry - silly question for you guys - what osx prefix do I use to run these patches?

  • @vinayk

    You don't set the prefix. The max device does it when it is in focus.

  • I had been managing my patience of waiting for funds to buy m4l, you just tipped that over the bloody edge, now I can't wait.... :-)

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Mapmap: That's rad!

  • @ mapmap: I dont wanna hijack this thread but could you pass me the info for that jitter patch? I'm JUST about to start looking at minimalistic visual options for a tour and that looks like an excellent starting point!

  • stretta,

    first, like many in this thread, i'd like to thank you for your work, both in creating apps like polygome (and sharing them) and then creating m4l versions of those apps (and sharing them again). as a _serious_ non-programmer, what developers do is nothing short of magic, so thanks for spending your time conjuring these amazing tools. your apps were one of the primary reasons I decided to jump into the monome world (which i'm still a very new citizen of).

    i had a question regarding using the suite with multiple monomes (really an 80h). you mentioned earlier in this thread that the applications will send out the prefix information to monomeserial. how does this work with an 80h? does the app send information to both 40hs? or to the "first" one that it encounters?

    thanks in advance. I went to bed far too late last night thanks to you.


  • @papertiger

    multiple monomes isn't working currently. The apps just bash the prefix out and all connected monomes are affected.

    Looking over the monomeserial protocol spec, I saw support for cable orientation (yay!) and something else interesting that leads be to believe I can selectively choose attached devices. If this does what I think it does, it will allow me to add support for multiple monomes. However, if your 80h looks like two 40h units and not a 128 to monomeserial, I'm not sure what that means for you as I don't have any aggregate device support.

  • @ stretta

    "multiple monomes..."

    thanks for clarifying.

    "Looking over the monomeserial protocol spec..."

    good news for sure! =)

    "However, if your 80h..."

    that is in fact how monomeserial sees my monome -- as two 40h units (because it is!). using the column offset "trick" i can use it in 128 mode with apps. i'll have to play a bit to see if i could use it as an aggregate (128) or two 40hs if and when you change the apps to allow selection of a particular device.

    incidentally, the 7upLive "core" component allows the user to designate the osc settings, monome type, etc. for the app, but I'm not sure if that would interfere with the autofocus feature you've incorporated in to the suite (which is a beautiful thing). I mention it in case it might help.


  • Monomeserial only allows a connection to 1 set of ports. There is also only one prefix.

    So your 40h's look like a 128 using column offset 8.

    If you want to use 7up and strettas apps together you are going to need to use since Monomeserial only supports a single pair of ports and these will be taken by Stretta's apps OR 7up. They cannot share the same ports. Same thing if you wanted to use Molar as well. supports all this and more.

    Or you can use "Pages" to aggregate apps.

    I think it's high time Monomeserial supported multiple pairs of ports.

  • Another big warm thankyou here too! This has finally persuaded me to start using Ableton also. I've always been a pretty linear kinda composer and Logic was my tool... but Ableton plus Max4Live is such a rich 'ideas factory' now.

    It made me think about some kind of global patch, somewhere that you could do key changes in unison across the various patches... and also looking further ahead perhaps even do something like split up a 256... so the top half is an obo, bottom left quarter is a polygome, bottom right quarter is blah, blah, blah...

    and then some dynamic way of changing that balance based on what your compositional current focus is. I need to get coding ;)

  • @monobass
    Yeah, I had given some thought to some master key/mode selection. I think that would be useful, especially in live performance situations, and add a dynamic element. Since maxforlive devices can talk to each other, I just have to put the right 'receptor' on the key mode selection. If I do that, I may rip the chord scale stuff out of polygom

  • Great stuff, it feels like we're at a tipping point in terms of convergence of hardware and software at the moment. Exciting times.

  • Really great stuff as always!

    I tried to use your technique to get autofocus of molar as well, by adding a small patch just before Molar on the same channel, but the other monome patches does not work when I switch channel. The focus thingy works and the osc settings updates correct, but the other patches cannot "reclaim" the monome :(

  • @bilinsky
    Would be so great to get molar and suite working together since i am
    using molar a lot also. Seeing them working togehter in one set would
    fantastic. Any chance of getting this done by someone ?
    pure excitement these days indeed.

  • @bilinsky/mism

    molar rocks ! and steeve duda is so nice to work on it, is one of the application i love , and the one running for my live set most, flexible and stable.
    will be great to have it switchable in a setup with obe and polygome :-)
    i'm going to have some lessons for max, one day i'll share my apps to all you guys :-) (i wish:)


    PROPS !

  • @stretta

    I spent an evening last weekend processing my Synthi-A through your Step Filter sequencer using my 128. Too fun for words. X-mas came early this year. I will try and put a video up soon.

    I guess my only wish from Santa would be that the attack, gate and release params were midi cc mappable via Ableton's midi mapping mode? Anyone know how to enable parameters in M4L patches to be midi mappable in this manner?