Measuring 40h kit current draw

  • Hi,

    How can I measure the actual current draw which my 40h kit has with all LEDs lit?



  • hmm any ideas? I have a multimeter but no clue ;)

  • you have to put the mutlmeter in serie to measure currents, i.e. you have to disconnect the power line inside the monome and then put the two probes in contact with the two disconnected points

  • alternatively, if cutting the power circuit somewhere inside the 40h were not something you wanted to do - especially if everything is already soldered/assembled, you could do the same thing with a usb cable you were willing to trash. you would need to identify the power wire in the usb cable (google "usb pinout"), cut it, and connect your meter probes to these two disconnect points - see attached picture.

  • also, could you desolder(one end of) the current limiting resistor on the monome board and put your meter leads in series to complete the circuit right? not sure, i have an arduinome, but i would think with a desoldering wick, some plyers and a soldering iron you could do this, measure and have it resoldered in minutes

    correct this if im wrong

  • cable is the best way, it ensures you measure exactly what the computer sees.

  • ok I think I can handle the cable, thanks guys.