Daedelus live in New Zealand at Campus A Low Hum.

  • have to say I'm pretty stoked to hear Daedelus is play at Campus A Low Hum in Bulls. considering I already have a ticket.

    Finally get to see a real official monome 256 with my very eyes.

    also there are still tickets if anyone is interested


    edit: he's playing Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as well.. guess i'll be seeing him twice.

  • wish i could attend this CALH, it would be worth traveling from the us for (as well as visiting friends). blink (the organizer) is a swell guy. fwiw, if anyone is interested, it will sell out.

  • Oooooolllllddddddd thread I know, but I was just wondering, does anyone know if any monomers are gonna be playing? I'm going this year, and so it'd be really cool if you were to know in advance, to make sure I don't miss it.