Favourite music of the decade?

  • As the oughties come to an end it is inevitable that people start making lists so:

    What has been your favourite music of the first ten years of the 21st century?

  • Daedelus changed my life with Invention, Exquisite Corpse, and Denies the Day's Demise.

    Also Milosh (entire discog to date), I'm a radio dj, so I could go on...

  • animal collective

  • I'm gonna go ahead and say Radiohead. With 4 brilliant albums contributed since 2000, I must say they've been among my favorites.

  • radiohead, animal collective are certainly good...and i do like milosh....but for me the most liked albums have been by Clark (warp), sigur ros....and probably most of all, Ulver....(the album blood inside to be exact)....but then again, im the type of person to change my mind

  • The Books (particularly Lost and Safe)

  • Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails - both have multiple amazing and completely varied albums, and both of them I never listened to in my youth. So I'd consider these two acts as my mid-life crisis listening. :-)

    edit: I'd also have Muse and Jay-Z in my top 5 for the decade I think.

  • How can someone like both NIN and Muse ? :-)

  • oh definitely forgot Sigur Ros... Heima is an amazingly epic film.

  • madlib
    ricci rucker

    this is hard` but those two changed me` and I have almost all they've made
    I might think of something else later

  • for me, clark steals the show. the most inovative compositions, best production, it makes you feel awesome, and he really has raised the bar back up to richard d james' chin.

  • -claaark! (warp records night last weekend=battles and flying lotus)
    -your infamous harp
    -mr scruff
    -boards of canada
    - lots i have forgotten. a decade's a long time!

  • AIR
    White Stripes
    Basement Jaxx

    intrigued that everyone is all about clark, totems flare has been on my phone for months now and ive never gotten into it. revisiting now...

  • check out the older stuff too, throttle clarence and body riddle. i think totems flare is more accesible but no less interesting :)

  • radiohead, animal collective, mf doom, flaming lips, black keys

  • NIN - Year Zero
    LCD Soundsystem - 45:33
    Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump
    +1: The Books - Lost + Safe
    Amon Tobin - The Foley Room
    Mark Mothersbaugh - The Life Aquatic Score
    Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

    Hmmmm, I know there's more...

    I will have to check out Clark. Haven't heard of them.

    BTW, My friends bands whom I think made some great music this decade - (which you should all check out!)

    Eskimohunter - Musical Snowglobe Machine
    Travelogue - Imaginary Hospitals (totally analogue)
    Jason Boesel - Hustlers Son (soon to be released, shameless plug, I know, but it seriously is a great album)

  • I hadn't heard of Clark before either. I just checked out a couple of tracks from Body Ripple aaaaand they are wicked. Very moving.

  • This is going to be a bit eclectic. In no particular order...


    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Live at the Quick (2002)


    Tilly and the Wall: Bottoms of Barrels (2006)

    Jorane: The You and the Now (2005)

    Estradasphere: Palace of Mirrors (2006)

    Gabriel Mann: Tall Buildings (2007)

    Rob Giles: This is All In Your Mind (2006)

    Peatbog Faeries: Croftwork (2005)

    Balkan Beat Box: Nu Med (2007)

    Frou Frou: Details (2002)

    Ingrid Michaelson: Everything she's ever recorded (2005-present)

    Nerina Pallot: Fires (2005)

    The Ditty Bops: The Ditty Bops (2004)

    Stratovarius: Polaris (2009)

    God of Shamisen: Dragon String Attack (2008)

    That 1 Guy: The Moon is Disgusting (2007)

    Aqua: Aquarius (2000)

    Freezepop: Futurefuturefutureperfect (2007)

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  • >>chapelier fou 1 day ago  
    >>How can someone like both NIN and Muse ? :-)

    because they have an appreciation for great music. I've seen both in the the past two years and whoooo boy...them's some bad ass bands.

  • I will not debate on Muse. :-)

  • battles - either Ep B or Mirrored
    65daysofstatic - one time for all time
    pax nicholas and the nettey family band - na teef know de road of teef
    efterklang and the danish national chamber orchestra - parades (live)
    konono no. 1 - congotronics
    cex - oops, i did it again
    deertick - war elephant

    i think those the big ones that inspire me daily.

  • The two NIN shows I've seen in the last 2 years combined were probably the #1 live experiences in the last 10 years. Blew away Radiohead. And I'm no huge fan boy of NIN.

    Lights in the Sky was so HUGE such a spectacle, and then the last small show at Terminal 5 was so small, intimate, raw and insane.

    Their polar nature make them probably my sound of 00's.

  • Behold ... the Arctopus
    Grizzly Bear

  • "cex - oops, i did it again"

    nice. "look at this mess! the kitchen table's all... kitchen table's got a spring knocked out of it!"

    "but mom, he's an ENTERTAINERRRRR!"

  • Burial - Untrue.

    Because it's filled with emotion and its' dubsteppy sound reminds me of the 90's.

  • You know - when I signed up here I thought Id found a place with good folks. Indeed I did but to have so much in common!!!

    My inspirations:

    Sigur Ros
    The Books
    Boards of Canada

    Can I add Aphex & Squarepusher - Mogwai, Dirty Three.

    This decade Ive been lucky enough to see live shows by:
    Foo Fighters, Chilly Peppers, Leonard Cohen, Dylan, Sonic Youth, Moving Hearts, Shane Mc Gowan, Cylob, U2, Morrissey, Ian Brown, John Martyn...

    What a GREAT music decade!

  • stars of the lid - and their refinement of the decline
    rhythm and sound - the versions
    rhys chatham - a crimson grail (for 400 electric guitars)
    portishead - third

  • yeah +1 on burial being notable...and cex...and mogwai..and the books...

    also, we must not forget about the metal side of things.....meshuggah is very important IMO

  • @golks

    +1 for ...stars of the lid. i totally should have added them to mine...

  • Why?
    Animal Collective
    Beck, always.
    The Flaming Lips
    J Dilla
    The Strokes (first two albums)
    Wolf Parade
    and sorry, Kanye West

    ...to name a few.

  • This is an amazing thread which is currently driving my spotifying.

    thomas dybdahl has been the least known / biggest play count artist of the last half of the decade for me. Find "one day you'll dance for me new york" below


    and more of my taste here


  • Actually, I just looked at my last.fm charts, and I might have to switch to M83 being my artists of choice for the 00's. Their 5 albums are all 21st century, and they rank silly high on my play charts. I'd consider them my go to music of choice. It's what I listen to when I don't want to listen to something specific.

  • OMG how had I not heard of Clark. Absolutely brilliant.

  • > ulver


  • NIN has been my jam since pretty hate machine, there are of course things like bonobo, pink floyd, infected mushroom... but always go back to NIN...

  • I forgot -- Doormouse! And Otto von Schirach! Ferocious electronic s**t, those guys.

    And +1 on Estradasphere. They are amazing.

  • Nobody like Venetian Snares? I think Rossz csillag alatt sz

  • =1for vsnares

    also Boards of Canada, Nosaj Thing's Drift album, Flying Lotus (everything he has touched). Etc, etc.

  • venetian snares is really cool i really love his humor with that and with last step...and flashbulb is very underrated among many circles imo.

  • VS is great. and that is my favorite album too. burial, totally changed the game! and what about keiran hebdan and steve reid?

    more then anything, i love how technology is now starting to catch up, and the type of music and performance that is coming is fantastic. heart!

  • oh!
    four tet! forgetful. filthy tenori-on user though ;)

  • i don't think he uses it live. he usually just uses like 4 sp303s and a laptop running an old version of sound forge

  • no...kidding? a t****i *n ?
    I've always heard he's using sp303s and audiomulch.

  • Indie stuff
    Arcade Fire, The Shins, Beirut

    Hip Hoppy stuff
    Sage Francis, Why?, Sole, MadVillain/DangerDoom/SparkleMouse or whatever, MF Doom

    Mew, Cursive(Domestica), Radiohead, Flaming Lips

  • man...lots of good suggestions here! I have much love for nearly all of the bands mentioned. (and I see no conflict in liking say Mozart, NiN, and Atsuhiro Ito haha)

    I will only add a few because they are not yet on the list and should be!

    Holy Fuck
    Amon Tobin
    Rachel's (maybe not the type of thing people on this board are in to? ....but Systems Layers is bloody brilliant, so says I)

    oh and Dan Deacon of course ;)

    (listening to Mum right now at work...makes the day brighter)

  • Just to chip in and confirm that Four Tet is using his Tenori On when playing live... He used it in his LA set earlier in the year... to great effect, I might add.

    Perhaps he'll upgrade to a Monome at some point ;)

  • Yeah, FourTet used the TenoriOn live here in Bloomington as well.

    He held it up facing the crowd doing some very underwhelming boiing percussion stuff. The crowd ate it up. Then he hit a button and made the whole thing light up and everyone was like "ooooooh!"

    pshhhhh..... whatev. it was an alright set.

  • Agreed on the recent Four Tet set... wasn't as strong as when I saw him 5 years ago, pre-Everything Ecstatic. Wish I'd caught him with Steve Reid. I'm heading out to see him again in Feb. Best be a different set up.

    And to chip in on topic:

    Radiohead - Kid A
    Tom Waits - Orphans
    Portishead - Third
    Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic
    Bright Eyes - Lifted
    Decemberists - The Crane Wife
    Andrew Bird - Mysterious Production of Eggs
    Joanna Newsom - Ys
    Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

  • ah, music.