Molar live looping question

  • Does anyone know of a way to trigger "record next bar" on the last pressed ltg row by way of a foot pedal?

    Say I start a blank ltg row. Then I start jamming on my zendrum, with audio being sent to molar. It would be cool to be able to hit the foot pedal to trigger recording in the middle of playing. Then, since the row is already looping, the audio would start playing back on the next pass.

    Currently, I record a midi loop on the fly with a foot pedal assigned to overdub in live, then route the audio from the kit I'm triggering to molar, where I can then capture the loop. Kind of clunky.

    I could hit "record next bar" and then be ready to play, but I'd rather be able to settle into a groove then trigger the loop to record in molar.

    Any ideas?

  • you could try creating a new midi track. molar has multiple channels for incoming midi data. if remember correctly, number four can be used to light the monome and it works for the performing buttons and the function buttons. if u create a midi clip that plays two notes u can simulate the pressing of your fingers, assign the clip to the foot pedal and there you go!

  • Right on. I'll try it over the weekend and report back...

  • Let me know, please !

  • It's definitely possible - I use it quite a lot live. I trigger ableton midi clips using a foot pedal. I'm not at my home computer to post examples now though..

  • Ok for clips in ableton. But for molar input looping ?