Grayscale care and feeding?

  • Hey there,
    Received my new Grayscale 64 and I'm slowly figuring out how to use it. Its beautiful and I want to keep it that way. Thats why I would like your especially tehn, as to how to care for the silicone on the outside of the unit. I have noticed that merely touching it with a finger can give the surface a bit of a whitish cast. This is especially true of the sharper edges where the sides join the top. I'm imagining that this will wipe off, but what should I use to clean it with? Anything I should avoid getting on the silicone?
    As you have lived with your prototype for a while now what would you advise?

  • silicone is versatile, but it does show dirt pretty easily. it'll wear well-- get a little smoother and less dirt prone. we clean them with isopropyl alcohol but i'm sure you can simply use water with good results. you'll want a rag that doesn't shed.

  • Thanks, I'll try the water route first...Alcohol for extra cleaning action.

  • I feed my monome fingers.

    It loves fingers.