Ipad App for Monome

  • So is anyone gonna be developing such an app?

  • TouchOSC already does it.

  • yeah, when touchOSC gets a big-screen face lift, a lot of crazy stuff is going to happen..

    haplome will probably still work too.

  • But can you stand on it?

  • musical apps have much more possibility with a bigger area.. even things like tonepad would be a lot nicer to use. Personally i like mrmr and i think it would be great if it was developed more-especially for the pad.. but i guess touchOSC will do, ugly as hell tho

  • what does that mean for lemur?

  • The Lemur will be fine.

  • so with touchosc, all existing monome apps work?
    I though touch osc just sends messages one way.

  • you'd need a router....but so does a monome!

  • JazzMutant should do an app for the ipad...

  • JazzMutant better do something before they are squashed by this thing... at first I laughed at this thing cause it looks so much like a big iPhone...

  • guys, calm down! it isnt even on the market...wait and see.

    did anyone seen an headphone jack on the pad?me not...

  • now JazzMutant can become a software company and A6 the hardware business. That's the best news they could have gotten. The hardware business sucks...

    seriously how many Lemurs do you think are in the market? 1000? maybe?

    All of us would buy an iPad if Lemur was 99.99 app store purchase. ;-)

  • Yup there is a headphone jack.


  • HenderSounds:
    "All of us would buy an iPad if Lemur was 99.99 app store purchase. ;-)"

    If I was Jazzmutant inc. I'd be working on that today and nothing else. The ipad hardware is far superior, you port the Lemur apps across and sell as a premium app, $600 for that combo you'd make bank.

  • okay, in the specs u can read "3.5-mm stereo headphone jack"

    but i cant see it on the ipad...maybe im blind...:-/

  • in which case you probably wouldn't have much use for an ipad ;)

  • @cantaloop
    It's directly above the volume control

    [edit] Oops it's the mute button

    BTW honeydew is the money melon

  • @cantaloop

    top edge of the case just like the iphone…

  • As much as this might be heresy, I'm looking forward to seeing how some monome apps might be entirely rethought as native iPad apps. If monomes had a thousand thousand tiny buttons that could light in full RGB, how would mlr be different? How would polygome be different? flin? dj64?

  • @JP

    TouchOSC is avail from the appstore today at $2.99 ;-)

  • check the other thread ;-)

    I brought it maybe 2 years ago, back when it first came out. But I never used it as I thought the available area was too small... not any more :-D

  • @dovemouse
    i'm sorry but what exactly do you mean by a router?
    I have a monome but i don't need a router for it. Its not a 128 custom build, i know for that some people use routers.
    Or by router do you mean the software like MAX?

  • @ishabh


  • bar|none
    turbo-lol! if you can't stand on it, i am definitely not buying one. glad we got that cleared up with the apc...

  • i would love to see something like an amx runtime app...but no usb...aaaaahhhhhhh this thing is closer than my ass!!^^

  • The iPad hardware is better in many respects, but if you can't get ethernet response times (thanks to wifi latency), the Lemur is better at being a Lemur.

    Did anyone else notice that "Lemur vs iPad" = "Monome vs Launchpad"? Same fight. Same arguments. Same responses.

  • "Did anyone else notice that "Lemur vs iPad" = "Monome vs Launchpad"? Same fight. Same arguments. Same responses."

    Is the lemur the monome or the launchpad?

  • i think the lemur is the monome in that analogy?

  • so according to the analogy i should just buy a lemur, because after 2 months with nonome and some of the lag/crash issues, i'm dying for a 128...

  • Use MonomeEmu with the Launchpad in Max for Live and you wont have the lag/crash issues. With MonomeEmu you can run monome apps on the Launchpad as if they were being used on the monome itself. Plus, with MonomeEmu you can emulate a 256 on one launchpad. It truly is a great creation.

  • In my analogy, [monome/lemur] has been on the scene a while, with a solid community and years of experience. Along comes [launchpad/iPad] with its lower pricetag and fancy [multicolored interface/ability to run other software]. It's cheaper and it does more, so it must be better.

    Everyone predicts a swift death for [monome/lemur], but when the dust clears, we find that it's still the best product for many uses because [OSC/ethernet] is faster and more responsive than [MIDI/wifi]. In fact, for all of its abilities, there's a fair number of [launchpad/iPad] users who just want to duplicate the [monome/lemur] functionality; nothing more.

    So development moves forward, and eventually someone hacks a way around all that, requiring [Ableton and Max4Live/jailbreak and some additional software drivers to route data through the proprietary cabling]. The [launchpad/iPad] community rejoices. The [monome/lemur] community shrugs.

    ...really? this one's just me? no one else sees that?


  • I just see it as a relatively cheap, user configurable controller combination, I don't think for a minute it will affect sales of a monome, and I can't see it ever replacing mine, I'd love one in the future as an additional controller to use alongside the monome though.

    It may affect Lemur sales, but I don't see it being the death of it.

    I think it's much the same as when people were predicting the death of the monome when the launchpad came out, sure, there were a lot of people jumping on it to use it as a monome emulator, but the grayscale 64 sales proved that many people still want the real deal.

  • It won't hurt the Lemur either. The Lemur has been working on their software for years to get it the way it is and will continue to had new features. I personally think Jazzmutant will make the device more open in the near future so we can design are own objects for it.

  • i think producer1620's point is well directed —— more and more it is the lemur (and dexter) software that is the big selling point for their company. also the solid form-factor of the lemur is probably preferential to many users than a light (read: easy to move around) device, and the responsiveness of ethernet is also a positive thing.

    if jazzmutant were to make a lemur application though (for sub $200), i can see that almost destroying their hardware business (though potentially growing their user base dramatically). in a musical controller users are often after the more conservative and substantial features that make a piece of gear bullet-proof, which is likely to be beyond what apple can supply in $499 wi-fi only tablet.

  • Would it not make more sense to figure a way of using bluetooth to avoid the latency/unpredictability of WiFi?

  • wifi is probably more reliable than bluetooth. tcp/ip on a local ad hoc network with close proximity can be pretty robust.

    if jazzmutant released lemur software for the ipad, i would buy both. ideally though, there would be an interface that works to generate and sample on the ipad itself for portable composition.

  • The lemur comes with a "100BaseT" connection. That's 100 mBits / second.

    The iPad comes with "802.11n" which is up to 600 mBits / second.

    Just thought I'd mention that since there seems to be some conception that the the lemur would be less laggy and faster due to it's ethernet.

    edit: for reference the Bluetooth 2.1 EDR hardware that the iPad comes with runs at 3 Mbits / second.

  • Why couldn't you use the standard USB dock connector that plugs into your computer?

  • Etherent has a more secure, consistent, faster speed. Wifi is good too........for the internet. By the way 802.11n can "theoretically" acheive 600 mbits/second.

  • using a dock connector and transmitting control data over USB is probably the most comforting and reassuring way to connect the ipad if you have a gig or something.. wires are generally more convincing than radio waves.

  • would you need to hack it to do that?

  • think u do, like on the iPhone...the only app i know is iPhone Tunnel, but never used it...

  • I think producer has a good point. The 802.11n wifi speed on the ipad is actually a lot faster than the ethernet connection on the Lemur which is only 100baseT.

  • its going to be very interesting to see what lemur killers are born on the iPad... however.. In my experience wifi, even ad-hoc, will not cut it for latency, reliability and consistency... its not about the theoretical or actual maximum bandwidth... its about the latency and the consistency of that latency over time.... someone will have to put the r&d into a custom dock connector adapter and then wine and dine apple to allow it to market. the api is there.. just look at the blue mikey or that iphone keyboard thingy:



  • Auditory Canvas -

    Though it may be faster its not a wired connection which means it doesn't offer a consistant connection. I would never use a wifi controller for a live show. Plus the Lemur's 100baseT is more than fast enough. The ipad is not going to be a Lemur killer.

  • Agreed. But it might be a cheap entry level alternative. Let's you dip your toes in the water.

  • I agree, I never said it would be, I said quite the opposite, it might affect sales a little, but it certainly isn't going to kill it.

    I'd be happy to use wifi in a show though, unless someone develops a USB connector. The devices would be practically next to each other, I think the chances of failure are probably about as high as Live or the laptop crashing, so I don't really see it as much more of a risk.

    I'd want to test it first and see how it goes, and see what the latency is like of course.

  • some meandering thoughts and pretty pictures here


  • bump, told you so :-)