autechre album doesn't quite hit it..

  • what do you think?

  • i think it rules and your a n00b.

  • It hits it better than I can hit it.

  • try comparing to it against the older albums - it doesn't even sound like them.

  • expectations often lead to disappointment

  • i'm not that shallow.

  • dusty pearls of wisdom

  • is it out yet? i thought that was a fake one out there in the inter-ether...

    whatever. i'm not going to listen to it until those fat slabs of wax are spinning on my turntable :)

  • this mix is pretty deadly.

  • I think it's inspiring, forward thinking, and an all out powerful record.

  • I ended up really liking the fake!

    It's this outfit, Altered:Carbon -

    You can download the (properly altered:carbon titled instead of ae titled) tracks here -

  • just listening to the pre-order mp3s now (couldn't wait for the vinyl!) sounds pretty good on first listen. quite mellow and melodious...

  • I found a copy online, not the fake.

    After listening to it through a half dozen times I can say that there is some nice textures in there and it's nice to hear some little bit of melody again but all in all I think the record just doesn't grip me like most of their other stuff. A few tracks are great, a couple are seriously annoying sounding even for an autechre fan. And a couple others are just kinda there.

    Still, not a terrible record. I haven't put out a better one yet so I can't front.

  • love it. i like that they moved back from percussive overkill. it's still quite rhythm-based; but now it's gritty, grimy synth sounds making the noise instead of clangy, attack-heavy fm sounds (not that i don't love that too). and with plenty of melodies in there, too!

  • yeah. it's a bit of a winner alright...

  • I can't help but wonder how many people in this thread have actually heard the real album and not the fake:

  • real deal. via and monies changing handsies.

  • oh you don't gotta convince me, I'm just sayin I can't help but wonder. Theres gotta be someone on this thread that thinks the new album is awesome but hasn't actually heard it :)

  • A lot of copies went out a few months ago to the press, was lucky enough to get one. I think it's awesome.

  • I absolutely love it. And this critique --

    behindblocks Feb 10th 2010
    try comparing to it against the older albums - it doesn't even sound like them.

    -- Huh? Did you say the same thing when Cornfield was released? I listen to Autechre because they tend to progress. As opposed to being stuck in a rut pumping out the same old, same old.

    It sounds like them to my ears. I immediately dismissed the initial round of leaks as not being Autechre. When I heard this leak, I was 95% certain it was the real deal. Either that, or I'd found a new favorite artist.

    If you think it doesn't sound like them, perhaps you need to go back and listen to Amber. It's not the same sound. But there are definite similarities.

    Honestly, you can't please some people

  • Oversteps is amazing, and rewarding of focused attention.

  • the vinyl box arrived. looks totally lush!

  • its sick beyond words. probably even more so than draft which wazs until now my favourite album by them.

    funnily enough im a complete tDR nut, yett my fave covers from Ae are both the Alex Rutherford ones- Draft and untilted.

    Fave covers everyone?

  • probably the LP5 dark black plastic cd...