free sample pack.... updated!!!!

  • so yesterday, timp uploaded some sound goodies... (that ruled faces)
    it inspired me to do the same!
    so here is a free sample pack.... hot off the presseseseses

    the story....
    yesterday i found this.....
    i really liked the sound of the video.... gross ... compressed...
    and the announcers voice is extra extra kreepy
    so i DL'd the noise and made the pack out of it....
    holler and sting!

    here is another pack....

    this is just constructed from old breaks.....
    eq'd, blended and dirty like i like em'
    20 drum kits in all
    holler at meh...

    i love you

  • Like whoa.

    Nice vid. Dope sample pack!

    Urban dictionary:

    "Like Whoa" is an expression used when something is amazing.
    "My hair looks like whoa!"

    "I love that band like whoa!"

  • Nice one edison! sound great, just what I'm looking for.

  • i haven't even heard the sample pack yet but the video is AMAZING! i love you.....

  • This is so sick. And incredibly extensive. I'm super grateful, man. Thank so much.

  • +1

    Thanks Edison!

  • +

  • badda-bump

    Some new sounds to enjoy this weekend. Thanks Edison! Stung.

  • We all love free samples! (Whoa!)

  • check the first post for a new link!!!!!!

  • ill.

    thanks man.

  • Awesome - thanks eds

  • sweeet! thanks

  • awesome@!

    love you

  • Thanks again


  • thanks man

    just improvised something on 64fingers w some of the samples in the pack.

  • Thanks for the big drums!.

  • oh man! bullets and beats! my favorite!

    edit: nice track, vinceent!

  • This is pretty nice. Whats there like 231 samples just chillin.

  • oh shit...
    yea i totally missed that track vincent!
    terribly sorry
    sounds really dope...
    i love the grainyness....
    and i like the build up you had
    great stuff!

    i ended up using ALOT of the second pack on my new album...
    almost always for my second layer of drums
    lil EQ and grit .... they sound large

  • thanks again, Edison, the kit is brilliant: