Pages doesn't register button presses?

  • Hi,
    I'm trying to set up pages, and everything seems to be going according to plan... BUT.
    My button presses don't get registered. I get lights for all pages (faders, sequencer bar moving etc) so there's obviously talk between ableton's clock and the java program, however, my button presses don't yield lights on the monome, nor results in ableton. It's like I'm not pressing anything.

    Any advice, or indication of some setup process I may have overlooked?



    here is my spec:

    Arduinome 128
    Pages 0.1.39
    LiveOSC 7.0.14
    Ableton live 7.0.2

  • Still having problems. Any advice from Pages experts?

  • the first thing you probably want to check is midi clock. the midi sequencer page is a good one to debug issues on because the vertical bar will light up and move when midi clock is working. also you can toggle on steps to check button presses are working, but push them twice--the first state is a flashing state and doesn't flash without midi clock.

    otherwise i'm really not sure.. pages has to listen on the osc port to accept messages from monomeserial, so maybe something else is binding to that port first, or some firewall software is preventing the messages from being delivered?

    other apps work fine i take it?

    i've never really had this issue myself. i'm sure you've looked through the threads but they may be worth a second look in case somebody has already solved this one.

  • doug did you ever get your problem solved from this thread

    im having the same problem you see :\

  • I have experienced this issue before - I think it was an issue with midi in and out channels in pages and ableton. As I recall for me it was in the specific page selecting the midi out channel.

    I would also check to make sure that your extension is the same in monomeserial and pages, along with the ports. Then make sure you have your IAC channels (I am assuming you are on a mac here - I don't know what the PC uses for midi mapping) set up in agreement between pages and ableton.

    I don't know if you have followed the video tutorial, but it is truly excellent and following each step carefully has never failed to give me the right results.

    Plus you get to hear edison jam in the background.