edison tour dates.... LA LOW END TONIGHT!!!!

  • http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/8993/tourposter3dates.png

    *im only playing the US dates this time around....
    don't worry... euro dates will happen sometime this year....

    stung sincerely,

  • i just got really excited!!
    then i read the small print :(
    hopefully you'll make your way over to the UK soon...

  • edgaz! I love that biggie vs postal service song he did way back i think he was called kidwithoutaradio back then

  • We need some Colorado dates please.....

    Good luck @edison! Looks like a great tour!

  • Between 5/14 and 5/18, do you wanna play in Metz, Nord east of France ?
    I may can fix this for you, it's on the way to Leipzig, you can take a plane in freibourg. Check google map...

  • bumpitty
    offically starts tomorrow!
    check the US dates!!!!

  • excellent! Bonne voyage mon ami! Safe travels and watnot. You are going to kill it, absolutely...

  • Good luck with the tour
    gonna check the L.A show

  • @edison .. you'll have a place to stay if you're interested in some NZ gigs :D

  • gonna catch the seattle show

  • nice! can't wait to meet cha vis!

  • So sad I won't be making any of the dates. Wish you nothing but the best, man. Make it over the border to Van City sometime!

  • What happened to SF being the 23rd? Im stoked for thursday though now. Is underground the spot on Haight?

  • oh shit....
    outdated poster ya'll!
    SF is tonight!!!! the 23rd


  • have fun!

  • See you in Reno. Can't wait!

    *Looks like the poster says you guys are playing in S.F., what I thought was the night of the Reno show...

  • chillin with rent....
    sting master nasty

  • damn, my mind was left back at the venue...so stoked you guys made it into town and threw down so hard! my friends were seriously blown away, as was i.

    great to finally meet you nic! i had a blast and hopefully its not too long until we can chill again.

    keep the hot notes going and have a great rest of the tour!

  • ella st. social club!!!!!!
    % is coming...
    chris hahn will be in the house...!!
    any more monome homies.... come holler ... it'll be alot of fun!

  • word! big show boys, hope it goes really well and can't wait to see some documentation!!!


  • Ack! Just saw this. Was not paying attention until I saw PORTLAND in caps.

    I would so love to be there but can't. Have a great show!

  • i'll be the 6'5'' guy with the afro

  • some footage from the ro - ad

  • Gonna try me best to make it tonight homie..

  • cmon out homies!
    last show of the tour!

  • what time? i'm talking about monomes at crashspace at 8pm, maybe done by 10.

  • I was supposed to have my car back tonight, but it's in the shop until morning.

    Looks like an hour's worth of busses and trains from the office to Low End Theory.

    ...or an hour's worth of busses and trains from the office to Crash Space. Followed by an hour and a half from Crash Space to Low End Theory.

    ...and then at some point, I need to get home again. Which is 1.75 hours from Low End Theory, or 2 hours from Crash Space. But that assumes the busses are all running.

    I'm.. not going to do that. I'd like to, but I'd die.

  • I'm There

  • @soundcyst
    I'm slotted for 11pm
    half hour set

    someone hook up greater than with some ridage!!

  • ahhh....destroy LA!

    wish i could be there...

  • @Edison

    You rocked man.

    (I was the guy with the weird accent that talk to you right after your set.)

  • east coast tour, please?

  • I would like to propose not to wait until you earn enough money to buy goods! You can get the loan or just bank loan and feel fine

  • C'mon man, UK - Scotland preferred!!!! - dates please :-)