recent progress on the stribe

  • couple of new stribe vids up. this is the original stribe prototype with a minor wiring change to allow SPI and thereby the Curious Inventor firmware. basic max sequencer, could've beeen a monome there just wasn't room on the desk.

    it's kind of chaotic b/c i'm using the matrix to send MIDI to the synth as well as trigger samples.

  • Hello sir!

    I still have my 2x stribe prototypes sitting at home, and have recently got hold of a copy of Max4Live (finally!).

    I intend to perform the wiring change to upload the CI firmware, is it still the same change as detailed on the stribe forum?, and then I can finally crack on and start getting the stribes into use. Its been on the back burner for far too long (buying first house, work commitments e.t.c.), but I intend to get stuck in properly some time soon.

    Glad to hear things are still ticking over on your end.


  • Superb news. Good to see your project is still moving on. Some max for live integration would be good and would boost its utility...

    My Stribe x 16 almost completed its re-casing -- being milled unibody from a single billet of 5083 on the 5-axis miller. Its also going to get an LED upgrade as well -- with much brighter lights. Should be ready in a few weeks time.

    Its one thing to build a controller... Its another thing entirely to make one that is tough enough to take on the road.


    Top view: Unibody enclosure

  • beautiful work tanais - not just road-ready, outer-space-ready!

    @xpm the mod is detailed here: