molar doesn't work for me in Live...

  • I didn't want to muddy up the molar thread with my hitch.

    I have decided to attempt to understand molar again. Now it won't work in Live at all. I figure I am doing something wrong. I would have to read the entire thread again to dig out setup info (config settings, monomeserial settings, etc) but I just cant read it again. Already read through it's first 4 page about 4 times.

    What might I be doing wrong?

    L7.2, molar Feb 16 version. arg.

  • some info would help: what does "doesn't work" mean?

    if you press play in Live does the cursor under the stepsequencer cycle?

    ---- if not open the cfg and change the [128] to a [32] for "# of samples per OSC transmit", save cfg, add plugin again, I didnt mean to upload it at 128..

    can you load a loop and shift-click a pad in the top row and get playback?
    is it just an issue of monome communication?

  • Sorry. Didn't mean for you to be hit with a problem in the middle of the night. Figured you would get to this when the sun was up. Many thanks.

    The playhead in the gui does not move. Shift-clicking will light up a button on the gui, but not the monome.

    I tested monochrome (older version) within live triggering an impulse. Works fine.

    I changed the cfg file trom 256 to 128. otherwise it is as I dled them.

    thanks again. we can sweat this tomorrow or whenever.

  • no problems really, this is my tomorrow, I don't follow clocks much recently.

    if the playhead does not move this means one of a couple things technically. In this case I believe it means that the delayed process call is not getting entered inside of the buffer, most likely because of the setting I have at 128, not the device "128" mind you, but the entry

    [128] (32) number of samples per OSC scan/transmit, lower=faster=more CPU

    make it say

    [32] (32) number of samples per OSC scan/transmit, lower=faster=more CPU

    notice it says (32) in parantheses which is the intended default value for the brackets[ ] which is the only part that Molar "reads". So try changing this to 32 in TextEdit, saving, reloading the plugin (you shouldn't even have to quit live, just make sure that the plugin is removed and hit undo even)

  • That did the trick.

    I have a 3 day weekend. Gonna try to figure out some stuff.

    Thanks again.