upstate ny?

  • anyone else here from upstate NY? i would love to have a monome jam/meet up sometime if there is anyone within driving distance

    also, my spring break is coming up and i was thinking of taking an overnight trip to philly to visit some friends, i would love to take a tour of monomequarters while im there, that is if they are open to such a thing.

    so people in the north east, where you livin?

  • i found this on the old forum, i thought it should be linked here

  • we're open to visits. it's about time we organized an open studio, like we promised six months ago.

    where upstate are you? moving there someday is on our list.

  • man!
    im from right around albany...
    but i live in SF now
    next time im home buddies!...

  • i grew up in and am currently living in Rochester (i go to RIT.) wow, monome wants to come to upstaste ny? did you have an idea of where in mind? the cities are ok (roc, syr, buf) but upstate is way nicer if you stick to the slightly-less beaten path, like near the adirondaks or something.