[album] % - cognitives

  • hello friends —

    i'm excited to share with you my latest work, cognitives. you can listen to it on soundcloud here:


    and download the zip (320kbps, ~28mb) from here:


    process: made with the help of mlrv, my monome 128, a moog lp, a microkorg, a yearsworth of field recordings, ableton live, and lots of wonderful people from all around the world who sent me samples of themselves saying 'when the sun comes out.' the final piece was rendered onto a cassette tape then bounced back and forth a few times to warm it up a bit.

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    i welcome your comments and honest critique. if this moves you in some way, i ask that you please take that momentum and do something positive/creative with it — like donate to haiti disaster relief or challenge yourself to make an album in the month of february.

  • wow, fantastic work michael. it sounds great.
    i am in awe of your prolific output.

  • download.
    look forward to checking this out later :)

  • i was in my room, but now i'm on a journey in some beautiful unknown world.

  • Enjoying the music. Nice filtered drums at the end of track 1. Very nice spacey sounds in track 2.

  • helmets on!
    another stellar exploration deep into the % planet.

    a gem indeed +

  • wonderful dude.

  • Very nice. Super well done.

  • this is dense. i second ro: pith helmets on, machetes out...choppin' through the jungle.

    keep it up, captain.

  • this is out of sight man...would be nice to see some vids of it some time...always fascinating to 'see' your music happen

  • freakin weird man....
    i was JUST bumping mezos.... walking into work.... 10 minutes ago.... thinking "when is dood gonna drop some more hot k-now-ledge"....... "he's always putting shit out"..... and BAM
    just fired up itunes.... and so far... its really really great!
    thanks a whole lot!
    please please keep doing this.... forever....
    amazing as usual...

    see you in portlands hosssssssssss

  • Nice! I like "fuzzed up" bit at the end.

  • always excited to hear more %. thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    *dope album cover as well.

  • after a many more listens throughout my otherwise boring workday, i am truly impressed. your sound is evolving -- a controlled mess of interactive elements. there is a dimensional quality which works for me as a sort of synthesthesiatic catalyst, haha. the fluid tempos in mons are excellent, as is the overall tape rendering quality.

    thanks again for sharing +

  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • thank you... that's all i got at the moment. it is THAT good.

    i'm looking forward to seein this live man...

  • listened to it a few times now and it superb.
    reminds me a bit of flylo but in space. love it!

  • Really great track! Listening in headphones tonight and it's soooo much better than through crap computer speakers I listened to during the day. Lots of great aural excitement going on. I've had on my plate to do the cassette tape trick on my next project - have the recorder all ready to go - I think it did right by you! Really great stuff here %!

  • That's what I really love about this album. Instead of trying to analyze in an attempt to learn production values, sound design, ear training, et I just simply abandon my neurotic ways, free my mind, and effortlessly listen.

    It's just what the Dr. ordered thanks.

    Well maybe if I just research tape rendering.....

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    thanks, everyone! i'm really glad y'all dig it. expect more soon.

  • This is one of those albums that makes me wanna go out and buy an old Chevy Caprice Classic, put a ridiculous system in the back, loosen the trunk so it rattles real bad.. you get the picture.

    Oh, I expect more. And very soon.

  • @%

    If I remember correctlty, you run your mix through a tube amp of some sort, correct?

  • didn't run this mix through the tubes (although i did that with mezos last year). this was just a few passes through a cassette deck + ableton saturator.

  • @% more great songs, thanks!

    Last.fm just can't cope with your name, though. I'm clocking up lots of [unknown] in my artists.

  • ^^^^ again. this is wonderful

  • To quote a friend (although he was referring to a different artist at the time):

    "That album is BOMB SAUCE!"

    (That's high praise in case you missed it.)

  • Finally gave this a good listen this morning on the drive to work. Really awesome EP! I love the way you transition from one track to the next. I also love the end of it with the extreme tape hiss. It's like everything fades away and there's still this "shhhhhh!". It made me wonder "is that there the whole time?" After a second listen, I believe it is.

    Good music. My favorite of your work that I've heard so far.

  • your style is so recognizable

    basslines on SOLS `and the drums
    the hearbeat keys on TEAL ` its like really WARM chip music

    yeah excellent overall tho

    if do play live
    come to NY
    I'll bring a gang of people w/ me too

  • Oh god yes a new % album. (Downloading)

  • hey %,

    I marvel at your drums. The snappy kicks, the brute sidechain you've got on the hats.. it's all bliss.
    How the HELL do you make them sound so lush and organic? Care to give a bit of insight into your process?