gs128 bright lights!

  • Hi,

    I just received my gs128, it's beautiful! Very compact, much smaller buttons then my 40h. The white lights are very bright, which is great during the day, but too bright in the dark. Is it possible to adjust the brightness level of the lights on a monome?

    Either way Im very happy it with, it is a true piece of art. Thanks!

  • well theres a resistor in the circuit limiting current for the could easily swap it for a higher value resistor or wire a potentiometer in its place in the circuit...

  • oh yeah if you wire a poteniometer in its place make sure to include a resistor in series with it if necessary to prevent too high of currents

  • Ok, so there is no way of adjusting the brightness via software, only via hardware manipulation?


  • Its just right in the dark! Makes the shadows dance!

  • sending "/sys/intensity x" to monomeserial will change the instensity where x is a float value between 0. and 1.
    there might be something in monomebase - maybe the test patch?

  • made this just now, attached!

  • wow... i LOVE this community

  • oh, very cool, that's a nice additional bit of flexibility! Although i love how it turns out when shot on my camera at full brightness: like little candles!

  • very cool, but no such thing as too bright for me. i think

  • it was really striking shooting this video with the 40h and walnut 128, the range of brightness between the three meant the gs128 had to be pretty bright to have the others show up ;] But its great, im really glad the 128 leds have a bit of warm white in them...

  • nice ninja-like max skills, tehn.

  • brilliant! thanks tehn!

  • "there might be something in monomebase..."

    also from the max5 workshop, in "10-extras.maxpat":

    (but the patch that tehn just posted is the clearest/simplest)

  • Will the patch tehn posted work on the 40h?

    If so what's the prefix?

    Is there something that I can change on the logic board temporarily that will increase the brighteness of LEDs on the 40h, maybe just for a day, which i can then switch back to normal brightness?

    I have a few live shows in the open air in daytime, and it's a struggle to see the lights well, so a temp bright fix would really help, so I can change it back when done so not to burn them out.

  • /sys/intensity should work for all devices... haven't seen tehn's patch though, so i can't help ya there =/

  • quick comparison of the GS128 and 256 Classic™ Edition (as I'm now calling it ;-)

  • there is no prefix, it'll always work.

    yes, for all devices.

    you really can't increase the brightness without changing the LEDs entirely sadly.

  • Thanks soundcyst and tehn.

    I was trying it with the test mode in monome serial, which doesn't obviously work, tried it on a patch running and it works.

    Had a feeling I couldn't make them temporarily bright, but thought I'd ask just in case.

  • Ooh, fun.

    Here's a Max4Live version.

    Not much changed from what tehn posted, except I'm using one of Live's native sliders instead of the Max one. Meaning, Live users can map it to any MIDI controller, or draw brightness curves in an automation clip. So you can step-sequence or beat-juggle the monome itself now, if you're into recursion. Or just give yourself epilepsy.

    I actually have a use for this, and the timing was perfect. Question, though:

    If a person has more than one monome plugged in, and wants to adjust the brightness of each individually (independent of each other) is that a simple change? Can it even be done?

    v2 in a subsequent reply. keep scrolling down.

  • i wish i remembered the answer to that.. it's been long enough since i've looked at the code that i don't remember..

    i think the /sys/intensity message can take two arguments (one being an intensity, and one being a device number), just like /sys/prefix can, but i honestly don't remember. =(

  • hi all

    got my gs128 yesterday, i´m so happy, it´s amazing, the coolest "thing"
    i have ever had for making music, or illuminate my studio ;) THX

    my idea is, that the light should be controlled by daytime

    pro version: by daytime and wheather

    + a fader for the iPhone, ;)

  • @GreaterThanZero Awesome! Thanks for this! Can't wait to give it a try. I gotta say this community totally rocks!

  • oh, many thanks. I had no idea that this was built-in, i had always assumed that the brightness was an untouchable chiplevel setting, this opens some interesting doors regarding signaling...

  • Doesn't look like /sys/intensity does take two arguments.

    At least, throwing a value into its second argument doesn't seem to do anything. And these links don't disagree:

    So, we may be stuck.

    On the plus side, I'm much better with sprintf than I was an hour ago.

  • are you putting the device argument before the intensity float?

  • Well, that's a much better link. I should have been searching for "intensity" rather than "brightness".

    Thanks, dovemouse. =)


    Okay! I'm not thrilled with my Max wiring logic (so hacky!), but it works now.

    New attachment includes two max4live patches; one for controlling the brightness of all attached monomes, the other for selectively controlling the brightness of only one.

    For the selective version, you'll want to use one instance per monome rather than jump back and forth via the device selector. You can place as many instances as you like in the same MIDI track to conserve space, and map their brightness controls individually.

    Controls are all mappable / automation-ready, and their settings will be saved with your Live set.

    Also note, I've arbitrarily limited the selection knob to only 16 values. If you've got 17 or more monomes connected, let me know.

  • on the subject of hacks, i played with this last night and came up with a fun little audio peak to brightness plugin. Just drop it on a track, and the brightness of your buttons will follow the audio signal volume. Might be neat for getting rough levels of cued tracks without using headphones, or in a situation where the main speakers are crowding out the booth monitor...

    no gui elements, as i haven't really figured out how to work the presentation mode in m4l. The only gui i can get in ableton still shows patch cords, the things i assign to 'presentation mode' get highlighted, and i can arrange it in max, but they dont seem to show up in the ableton plugin. Someone's being dumb here, i have no doubt ;]

    Anyhow, enjoy...

  • Click on things you don't want visible, and hit CTRL-K (or its mac equivalent). This will hide that object when your device is locked. (ie, when it's on a track in Live) CTRL-L, I think does the opposite.

    I used to know how Presentation Mode worked, but drew a complete blank this morning. Hide On Lock is fine for now.

  • thanks!

  • This is excellent. Envelope of drum or master track controlling the brightness slider = more comprehensive feedback = more fun!

    edit: @lokey I was too excited about the same idea to read and realize that you'd already posted a patch! I was using the peakmod off I'm going to try your patch in the morning.

  • @tehn

    big thanks!!!

  • @altosacs, no fear, it's not what you would call a complex patch, really just enough to get me off my duff and into the patching world. It got the juices flowing though, I hope to have something more flexible shortly...

    But a larger question here folks: this is a device wide setting, is it not? No way to control brightness for a particular pad?

  • @lokey

    Prob not this way but 7up uses two brightness settings in its step sequencer so it must be possible to reference the intensity setting on individual pads.

  • oh? Thats interesting. And here i had moved on. Does anyone know how this is accomplished? Is it just a high strobe rate?

  • I haven't used 7up in a while, but if I remember correctly, the strobing made me want to gouge out my eyes and never load 7up again. (which is a shame, 'cause it's an otherwise great app.)

    I should try it again sometime -- maybe now that I can lower the overall brightness, it would be less prone to cause seizures.

    Anyway, the point is you have an example. Just load it up and see if that approach works for you.

  • so it is just a strobe? Ya, that wont work im afraid, cheers...

  • Is there anything developing for Serialosc?