• 64fingers
    Has anyone actually answered the question of how to sync 64fingers with Ableton? I can't seem to get it.
    quackhouse ·  January 2014
  • querying serialoscd
    Ooooh, okay. Thank you @kid_sputnik , that makes a lot more sense. There actually is an osc-ruby gem that I was fooling with but I thought I'd be able to use sockets because the code for a new client in the gem just instantiates a new UDPSocket…
    quackhouse ·  January 2014
  • querying serialoscd
    Could you please expand on that? I'm trying to do this exact thing but I am failing to get the device port via "the OSC way". I'm using Ruby in Pry in the CLI. I used the following code - hopefully you can point out where I went…
    quackhouse ·  January 2014
  • SevenUp Installation Help [fixed!!]
    That's the only way I've found! It works fine though.
    quackhouse ·  October 2013
  • SevenUp 2.0.5d (UPDATE posted 08/02/2012)
    Ok, apologies if I'm overlooking something stupid but I'm having a problem with SevenUp. When I boot up my computer and open a blank Ableton session I have no problem getting Stepper to work properly (just using the initial setup you'…
    quackhouse ·  August 2013
  • monomeserial to serialosc trouble
    skylyne, did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same problem
    quackhouse ·  June 2013