• re:mix {m4l app}
    Quick question regarding Macros I'm using the included example rack, dropped it on my group audio track and refreshed, it's synced. When I go to the midi device and turn the 8 controls the macro label is appearing to tell me which FX it&#…
    Whatisvalis ·  April 2015
  • (old) max for live mlr
    Looking forward to checking this out. Have only been using the Monome via the White Whale, excited to explore the software side with Live
    Whatisvalis ·  October 2014
  • survey: euro power and monome modules.
    1. Synthrotek PWR 2. No 2. 64 Grey 3. There is a slight high pitch noise when plugging in the Monome, but you need the gain cranked to hear it. Considering the 5v adapter. Something else i noticed that might be working as intended. If you have the …
    Whatisvalis ·  October 2014
  • white whale 1.2 update
    Is this possible on Windows?
    Whatisvalis ·  October 2014