• my monome in your town!!!
    and of course, there will be no show in kansas city. if only everyone knew how cool kc is!
    vinylsound ·  July 2012
  • What's the cleanest way to slow down digital audio?
    paulstretch, but it won't do it in real-time. works really well without any artifacts. http://
    vinylsound ·  June 2012
  • monome kit issues
    have you checked the ribbon cable orientation? and the signal diode orientation?
    vinylsound ·  March 2012
  • new i am genko video in a park
    and where do you live? because that city looks gorgeous. anyways, loved the video, and loved the music!
    vinylsound ·  March 2012
  • new open source midi controller
    ohhhhh. jealous about the bamboo. is it a sort of stacked design, like you were talking about earlier?
    vinylsound ·  January 2012
  • perhaps a crazy idea, "computer-less" device
    yeah. i realize max/msp would be out the window, and i agree that setting it up beforehand would be the best route to keep from torturing yourself more than you have to. i also thing that making all of the ports accessible would be the best rout…
    vinylsound ·  January 2012
  • nyt article on iphone manufacturing
    i agree with what wednesdayayay is saying. we all want high quality good, but don't want to pay full price. that puts pressure on manufacturers to move to countries with cheap labor. it costs about a $1,000 US to buy the cheapest macbook. a…
    vinylsound ·  January 2012
  • LED help
    any of these will work well. proper size, forward voltage, acceptable mcd range. take you're pick on the color. i really like the orange ones. the orange ones are also the cheapest at 10 cents US a pop. not sure where you are, but shipping…
    vinylsound ·  January 2012